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 So. . . I've always wanted a traditional gold wedding band, and here it is! I'd been mentioning to Kevin for a long time that I would like to have a wedding band that I can wear for everyday. He surprised me big time! Everytime I mentioned it he kind of acted uninterested or kind of push it aside, but little did I know he was listening to every detail of what I wanted. On Valentines day weekend we decided to go to Red Robin since we had never been, and when dinner was winding down he put this beautiful  gold wedding band on the table! I have such an amazing husband!  Not just because he spoils me but the kind of person he is. Being married to him has helped me become a better person. He is always coming up with ways to serve other people, and he's helped me to see how important that is in our daily life.
3/18/2010 01:59:15 pm

I have those pjs for Vance too. They are so cute!!! I love Henry he is so cute and could kiss him all day long!

3/23/2010 02:41:40 pm

Teige I didn't even know you had a blog! How cool is that? I saw it on Suz's blog. I love the pictures of Henry and your engagement pics. I'm glad I know where your blog is so I can keep in touch while we're away. =) Good to see you today!! Our blog is private now, but if you want an invite, I can send you one.


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