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Wow . . . so sorry to be MIA on the blogging thing. I must admit, I'm really not very good at blogging and so not confident about my writing ability that I totally procrastinate and stall doing even a simple post. All of that aside. . . we are doing very well! Henry is almost eighteen months! His favorite thing to to all day is play ball. Mostly basketball! We have a litttle hoop that  he slams it in all day long, and he's really good. He also loves to eat his morning cereal all by himself, and his other favorite thing is when Daddy comes home. He say's Daddy all day long, so when he comes home it's a big event.

    Kevin and I are loving our calling in the singles ward, and both decided that we don't want to leave when May comes around. It's all gone by so fast and we've learned so much from the amazing students in our ward. It's also fun to be the one that everyone tells their dating stories to, it makes for great entertainment! J/K

   Anyway. . . Here are some somewhat recent pictures of our Henry boy!
2/5/2010 00:54:00

Yay, welcome back to blogging

2/5/2010 01:17:27

Yea! Finally a post! I really had given up on even checking. Please keep them coming!

2/5/2010 05:02:46

Yo Teej...Way to go! I like the new pictures!! Henry is a very loved boy!! :)

2/10/2010 02:23:39

Henry is so cute I can't believe our kids are getting so old. I'm glad you finally posted some blogs.

2/20/2010 01:15:01

It's about time!! Just kidding:) At least you don't waste as much time blogging as I do. Henry is as adorable as ever. I'm coming to Utah March 20th for a couple weeks. I hope I can see you. I know it's always crazy when i come but I'll definitely try.

2/16/2011 15:52:26

Strike the iron while it is hot.


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