Pyne Royalty


THis post is for my Kevin! I'm so grateful to have such an amazing, sweet, sensitive, hard working husband. WHo spoils me like crazy! HE is one of the best Fathers I know! Henry is so crazy about his Daddy! He knows that Daddy time is "Play" time. He is very lucky to have such a great Dad.

It just so happens that my birthday is very close to Fathers day weekend, so our families celebrate them at the same time. Sorry you have to share some of your Fathers Day with me honey. I have a bunch of pictures to download but cannot find my USB cord for the life of me, so pics are soon to come. In the mean time, here are some more of our Henry boy!


Katie Marie

Yeah, Kevin is pretty amazing. ;)


Okay, I'm a looser. I completely forgot it was your birthday. Happy late Birthday Katie! Hope all is going well in your new place. We'll have to talk soon to catch up.


I love Henry's room and your house looks so cute. We still need to get all of the girls together before the summer is over. Life has been just so crazy busy!!! Happy Late Birthday


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