Memories of our first New Years Eve! - Pyne Royalty
Pyne Royalty


My sister Jess just recently gave me these pictures of New years Eve of 2007! It was fun to see them, and think about our first year of marriage all the experiences we have had in the year 2008. I think New Years is one of my favorite celebrations, mostly because my whole family has a feast of sushi! I LOVE sushi, it's growing on Kevin but it's definitely not his favorite meal in the world. He still let's me enjoy it!

Katie Marie
2/24/2009 10:55:50 am

Katie, your blog is looking great! You totally have things to write about! These pics of you and Kevin on your first new years are so cute. ;)

Jennie Simmons
6/23/2009 01:18:21 pm

Henry is soo handsome!! I am glad you guys are doing well. It is about time you updated your blog!!

6/25/2009 10:59:47 am

You two are funny! I'm glad you're all settled into your new apartment. We agree, moving is the worst. So, you're having seven kids huh? Katie, are you prego? Henry is adorable, the perfect combo of you both:D


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