Pyne Royalty


Yep. . . . this was our big adventure this summer. I was very pregnant all summer long until the very END! and I mean END. (Henry was born August 31st) As we all know; when a woman is pregnant her body changes. To name a few there is weight gain, back aches, leg cramps, heartburn, nausea, hot sweats, cold sweats, breakouts. I don't say these things to scare anyone who wants to have a baby, in fact my intention is quite the contrary. On a personal note; I have always been sensitive about my body. It has been a weakness of mine since as long as I can remember, even back to elementary school. Isn't it sad that children of such a young age feel the pressure to have their bodies look a certain way. The worldly magazines, TV, and media tell kids how they should look.  Naturally. . . what occurs during pregnancy is not what the world says is good looking. I dont' profess to be a know all on this sensitive subject, but what I have learned is that Heavenly Father has a plan for his children, and that plan is to bring these new spirits into the world. Having one of these new spirits in your home is worth everything!!!  Any pain or sacrifice you make is worth what you are blessed with in the end. I now have a new perspective on our bodies and that nobody is perfect, no one has the "perfect body" and we cannot base our worth on how we look, but by how we feel about ourselves and our relationship with God. Those vain things that use to be so important really aren't as important than the things that really matter. A baby sure helps you to see those things that really matter!! 

Emma Hunsaker

That last picture with Katie and Henry so sweet and cute. Katie is fast asleep and Henry looks like he's awake and waiting for mommy to finish her snooze! HA! Kevin and Henry look cute too because lil' Hen-ryan looks so peaceful and cuddly with his long little fingers wrapped around daddy's. I'm sure Kevin is sleeping too, but it looks a little posed....JUST TEASING! We all do that at some point. What a sweet fam.

Alissa Blunck

I loved this post! I totally agree that pregnancy give you a whole new perspective on life. Even though I hated how sick I felt. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience it. All the changes your body goes through are definitely worth it once you hold that cute baby in your arms!

Kari W

It's fun to read your new blog. Isn't it fun to be a mom? I have days that I wonder but most of the time I am so glad. I marvel that I have been trusted to teach these sweet spirits.


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