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My awesome sister Jess came to Provo to have a fun day with Henry and I. Jess is a third grade teacher and has a few weeks off track, so we took advantage of the time and and a great day. She came in just enough time to see Henry wake up from his nap and then we had an awesome photo shoot, with some adorable smiles. After that we went to Mom and Dad's to have some yummy homemade southwest chicken salads! Thanks for the awesome day Jess. We should make it a tradition for off track time.

I like this thumbs up picture!

 OK. . . I think he is all done with the photo shoot.

Great job Jess! Thanks!

Chillin' with Grandma Soffe

2/4/2009 07:03:11

Cute Pictures! I love the second one with his little beanie hat. That's fun that you could spend some quality time with your sister...isn't family great?!

2/24/2009 05:00:10

CUTE!! I can see you both in him, that's AWESOME. =) Hope you are doing well.


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