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Pyne Royalty

(to be read in thick Old English accent)
Hearken! readers of our blog! Tis I, Kevin, co-author of PyneRoyalty, Amateur Blogger and King of the 3 bedroom Apartment of 200 East.  
Doth thine desires to nourish thy soul, bring thou to our blog for enlightenment and uplifting knowledge? I, Kevin, doth write from the depths of my soul to inform our readers of the blessed state of our existance, brought to pass by the feasting of good and plentiful food.  The wonderous taste and glorious tenderness of ground beef which doth provide nourishment and satisfaction to our ever-needful mortal flesh. If thou ever receiveth such a blessing to enjoy the consumation of such sustinance, I would count thee as the elect of the eternities. Such delightful ground beef prepareth the feast of pasta and sauces from tomato, combined in its glory, the creation spagetti! No amount of stains on my silk tunic and blouse will ever deny me the indescribable taste of this royal feast.  And such is my decree. So let it be done!
2/16/2010 09:39:01 am

I love my title. I think I'll make business cards...

2/20/2010 09:10:18 am

That entry just made my day! Spagetti sounds scrumptious about now! ;) More the english accent. :)


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