Pyne Royalty


This is one of the latest of Henry's toys! The Baby Einstein Jumper! As you can see he is having a marvelous time with all those new little gadgets  to explore. He's not quite tall enough to bounce, but he can stand which is one of his favorite things to do. I myself am very grateful for something to give me an extra twenty minutes to get some things done. Another thing I like about it, is that it plays good classical music, which doesn't get annoying. Yay for Baby Einstein!

This is Henry's new hair do these days. Kevin and I think it has a little rocker mohawk ( no idea how to spell that) look to it. However this look is only good after his bath.


I love those jumpers. Just wait until Henry figures out the is so CUTE. P.S. I like his hairdo!

Katie Marie

Look at this cute guy! What a joy to have him around. ;)


I LOVE IT! He looks like he is entertained for hours in that pimped out seat! Nice job Teige!


Okay, I feel like an idiot. I didn't know you had this blog. I have your old address that only has the posting of Henry being born. That's why I was getting at you for not posting wonder why, sorry. Anyway, I'm glad I have this new one to look at now.


He is so cute, we need to get together and introduce him and Kate.


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